Natural Lavender Bath Bars - DIY

Natural Lavender Bath Bars – DIY

Originally I needed to remake this recipe for our 'Natural Soap Bath Bars - DIY' because a few people had pointed out the recipe was not working, which means I made an error while typing it out. I apologize profusely. Of course I can't locate a hard copy. (I'll keep looking) So in the meantime, I decided I … Continue reading Natural Lavender Bath Bars – DIY


Solid Shave – Review & Giveaway!! {CLOSED}

Solid Shave is a natural fine shaving product in a concentrated solid form. Solid Shave's microglaze formula prevents damage from razor blades, and helps your skin stay nourished and moisturized during and after your shave. What makes Solid Shave so amazing? They are loaded with concentrated beneficial, plant-based ingredients! Organic Aloe Vera - One of Nature's best soothing … Continue reading Solid Shave – Review & Giveaway!! {CLOSED}

Winter Hands Balm – Intense Moisture Therapy.

I don't know about you, but my hands get horribly dry in the colder months. They feel like the desert, they're red and scaly and my eczema starts flaring up. This natural balm is soothing and packed with healing, moisturizing ingredients. I've been using this mix for a couple of days, putting it on as … Continue reading Winter Hands Balm – Intense Moisture Therapy.

Luxurious 'Lavender Vanilla' Herbal Bath Bombs - DIY All Natural

Luxurious ‘Lavender Vanilla’ Herbal Bath Bombs – DIY All Natural

This was our very first time making bath bombs! We are thrilled with how they turned out! We included some of our favourite oils & salts for their skin nourishing benefits. We'll definitely be trying out different ingredients in the near future. These are perfect sleepy time bombs. Lavender helps to calm and relax us. … Continue reading Luxurious ‘Lavender Vanilla’ Herbal Bath Bombs – DIY All Natural

DIY – Wild Orange Creamsicle – Anxiety Relief – Bath Blend

This blend is the best kind of aromatherapy to me. It smells so warm and delicious. Not only that but the Wild Orange Oil is actually very beneficial for things like anxiety, relieving tension and nervousness, aiding with insomnia and sleep problems as well as helping to uplift your mood.   I Used: Epsom Salts … Continue reading DIY – Wild Orange Creamsicle – Anxiety Relief – Bath Blend

Spiritual Healing ~ Insightful Enlightenment.

Hi Friends! I'm so sorry I've been MIA as of late. I promise I will be working on getting new posts up shortly! So far, this pregnancy has left me mostly exhausted. I'm finally passed the "morning sickness" part of it, thank goodness! I was sick all of my pregnancy with my son, so I'm … Continue reading Spiritual Healing ~ Insightful Enlightenment.

10 DIY {Natural} Holiday Ornaments!

10 DIY {Natural} Holiday Ornaments!

Natural And / Or Recycled DIY Holiday Ornaments! ~ A collection of creative & beautiful ideas from around the web. Any and all of these would make adorable gifts! 1. *Rustic Snowflake Tutorial* Little Things Bring Smiles I absolutely adore this idea! SO beautiful! 2. DIY Twine Candy Cane Ornament A Night Owl  What a cute & … Continue reading 10 DIY {Natural} Holiday Ornaments!