Lactation Boosting Porridge.

Lactation Boosting Porridge.

This is like tasty morning oatmeal but better. It might look a little gross but tastes so good! You can either use the batter from Katrina's no bake lactation cookies and mix in with yogurt, bananas & other extra ingredients or mix together: Oatmeal (instant works too) Organic is best. Or you could grab THIS … Continue reading Lactation Boosting Porridge.


Cherry Chunk Creamsicles 

This is one of my talented 10-year-old son's concoctions. They were quite tasty! Big chunks of cherry amongst delicious creamy frozen yogurt. You could swap out the cherries for nearly anything. I think I want to try a pineapple coconut one. Mmm. What You'll Need Cherries (he used a can of cherry filling) You can … Continue reading Cherry Chunk Creamsicles 

Organic Spinach Pesto

I am so thrilled to be guest posting for Briar-Rose here at the Herbal Healing Mama! I just love her blog and it is such a great resource for natural alternatives. I hope you enjoy this recipe, which starts from my organic garden. My husband and I love to grow our own organic produce, and … Continue reading Organic Spinach Pesto