Calendula, Tea Tree & Lavender Healing Oil – DIY

I recently attended the Harvest Routes festival where I was a vendor selling some of the items I make here on this site. (as well as a few new ones, I will put up shortly). To my surprise, the two top sellers were the Calendula Healing Salve & a brew of oils I make at … Continue reading Calendula, Tea Tree & Lavender Healing Oil – DIY

Herbs & Their Healing Properties

Herbs / Nature’s Gifts & Their Properties

Original Image by: HERBS FOR:  ACNE Lavender Witch Hazel ANXIETY Skullcap Passionflower Chamomile Hops Lemon Balm Valerian Lavender BACK ACHE Goldenrod   BOILS Burdock Root Calendula BRUISES Witch Hazel Lavender BURNS / SCRAPES / CUTS / WOUNDS Birch Leaves Calendula Cleavers Echinacea Goldenrod Plantain CELLULITE Birch Leaves Birch Leaves Birch Leaves CONSTIPATION Dandelion Leaves DANDRUFF … Continue reading Herbs / Nature’s Gifts & Their Properties