Soothing Nipple Cream – Pregnancy DIY

I see a lot of posts about soothing nipple butters for AFTER giving birth, but what about the itchy, painful rashy nipple problems that sometimes come up DURING pregnancy? Mine have been a pain this whole time. I've been using one of my calendula creams & it's very helpful so I thought I would share … Continue reading Soothing Nipple Cream – Pregnancy DIY


DIY – Peppermint Tea Tree – Foot Soak

Give your tired aching tootsies a much deserved rest with this simple DIY foot soak. Epsom salts help to relieve pain by pulling toxins out of our body. Peppermint is great for releasing tension and relaxing nerves, it's also naturally cooling which helps relieve aches and pains.  Tea Tree has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties making … Continue reading DIY – Peppermint Tea Tree – Foot Soak

DIY healing oil

Calendula, Tea Tree & Lavender Healing Oil – DIY

I recently attended the Harvest Routes festival where I was a vendor selling some of the items I make here on this site. (as well as a few new ones, I will put up shortly). To my surprise, the two top sellers were the Calendula Healing Salve & a brew of oils I make at … Continue reading Calendula, Tea Tree & Lavender Healing Oil – DIY

diy dryer sheets

DIY – All Natural – Dryer Sheets

I'll never buy dryer sheets again! This is such a better alternative! Chemical free dryer sheets for pennies! As some of you already know, many dryer sheets contain cancer causing chemicals. This just isn't good enough for my family + my son breaks out from the chemicals in laundry soap and dryer sheets. I wanted … Continue reading DIY – All Natural – Dryer Sheets

Stink be Gone! Natural Deodorant Spray!

This Heavy Duty Recipe for Natural Deodorant is for the SERIOUS STINKERS! 😉 ❤ {I was one, don't worry! You're not alone!} There is nothing more embarrassing than trying to avoid hugging friends and family because you stink! I was sick and tired of constantly having this issue! I have been trying different all natural … Continue reading Stink be Gone! Natural Deodorant Spray!

Calendula Healing Salve Acne Blend

Calendula Healing Salve – Acne Blend.

Never as a teen did I have acne issues but now as an adult, I do! How frustrating! You may remember my original post on acne- All natural Acne Relief cream. While this does help, I needed something a little stronger. I had made a universal healing ointment: Calendula Healing Salve, and tried it the … Continue reading Calendula Healing Salve – Acne Blend.

How to make your own all natural sugar scrub

How to make your own All Natural Exfoliating Sugar Scrub!

This recipe has made my skin feel amazing! So many benefits packed into one little jar! ^_^ Not only does this scrub nourish your face (or body) with moisture, it helps to heal up any dry skin issues, redness and acne too! There are so many variations of different face and body scrubs, which I … Continue reading How to make your own All Natural Exfoliating Sugar Scrub!