Thanksgiving Graham Cracker Turkeys

I had an idea, and wanted to put something together.  I had all the ingredients to make these adorable little Thanksgiving graham cracker turkeys.  They were a very huge hit with my son, his classmates, and teacher!  These are an easy, no-bake treat for everyone.

Landon’s class had a turkey art project in school, and they all did such a great job.  I was inspired by the kids art and needed to use up a bag of caramel candy corn.  Which are really good!  Landon’s teacher really thought these turkeys were cute.  When we had our parent-teacher conference, she said the kids really liked them and she had to tell the other teachers about them.

Thanksgiving Graham Cracker Turkeys

The ingredients needed: graham crackers, vanilla wafers, candy corn, mini chocolate chips, sliced almonds and melted vanilla candy coating.  I had all the ingredients out and ready to assemble.

If you have any candy coating left over, you can pipe in between the candy corn (Like I did, on the ones pictured).  If you look closely, behind the first turkey is how they will turn out.  I had to make more turkeys for pictures and decided to use up the rest of the candy coating.

These are such an adorable little treat to make for your family.  Place on the dessert table for Thanksgiving or bring in a batch for your child’s class to share.

Thanksgiving Graham Cracker Turkeys

  • 24 – 28 graham cracker squares – I used the fresh stacks, which have the graham crackers already in squares.
  • 24 – 28 vanilla wafers
  • 1/4 cup mini chocolate chips – for the eyes
  • sliced almonds
  • 1 (9 oz.) bag of candy corn
  • 4 oz vanilla candy coating

STEP ONE:  Line a large baking sheet with the graham cracker squares.  Have all your ingredients out and ready to work with.  Prepare a ziploc baggie to use for piping.  Place a ziploc baggie inside a small glass and open the baggie.  Fold the top of the baggie over the rim of the glass.  Melt the candy coating in a small dish and scrape into the opened baggie.  Seal the top of baggie and push the melted candy coating into one of the corners.  Cut a small piece of the corner to make an opening.  Don’t cut a big hole, or it will just pour out.

STEP TWO:  Gently squeeze a dallop of melted candy coating on to the back of a vanilla wafer and press on to the graham cracker.  Make sure to position the vanilla wafer towards the bottom.  You need to leave room for the candy corn.  Continue to attach all the vanilla wafers to the graham crackers.

STEP THREE: Now, start attaching four candy corn pieces to the graham crackers.  Pipe a small amount on face for eyes and beak.  Press on the mini chocolate chips and sliced almonds.  Continue until all your turkeys are finished.  They dry fast and will be ready to handle in 10 – 15 minutes.  Store in an air tight container on counter.

NOTE:  If the candy coating starts to get hard in the baggie, just place it in the microwave for 10 seconds at a time (Yes, place the entire baggie with candy coating in microwave).  Continue at 10 second intervals, until it has become melted and easy to pipe out.

By: Vanessa

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