The Children of Uganda

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I recently became aware of an amazing organization called Vision / Paradise Uganda Foundation in Uganda, Africa, for the orphans.

I’m part of a beautiful sisterhood community on Facebook called Tribe-The Return to Sisterhood & the group creator, Shelli shared a photo on her wall of our tribe reaching the beautiful souls of Uganda.

Uganda Tribe

Sending so much love to you, children. <3

I then searched our group and realized Nabukenya Maria, CEO for Vision Uganda Foundation & National Projects/Volunteer Coordinator for Paradise Uganda Foundation, had been sharing information for quite some time there. Because the thread moves so fast with over 8,000 sisters, I had previously missed these posts.

I felt compelled to share their information here in hopes to expand the reach even further.


Vision Uganda Foundation is a volunteer-based community building organization dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty in Uganda by supporting the welfare of its poorest families and orphans.  Every day, Vision Uganda Foundation helps people in the poorest communities in Uganda survive and thrive.

Vision Uganda Foundation raises funds and provides volunteers to deliver educational opportunities, health care and other basic services to the under-served and vulnerable in communities throughout Uganda.

The number of orphans in Uganda is estimated to be around 2.2 million children under the age of 15 (Vision Uganda Foundation, 2014).

There are many terrifying realities that force countless children onto the streets: domestics violence, being orphaned or abandoned, or simply belonging to dysfunctional families.

During the day many of these children engage in a variety of activities like, carrying luggage, picking waste, begging, working in markets, loading/offloading, and stealing. Some work as taxi-touts, while others in restaurants, washing dishes and related chores. The majority of them however, scavenge for waste materials like scrap metal, plastic bottles, rubber materials that they sell to dealers. Vision Uganda Foundation has a profound impact on children’s health and education, as well as parents’ abilities to find a job and stay employed. Our children have twice the rate of emotional and behavioral issues—including anxiety, depression, and withdrawal.

A message from Nabukenya Maria

I have a story to share with all of you; “Its been Eight years now of my community service, working tirelessly to create a change in the lives of minorities. of course many have had witnessed this change, others are living by it. Today, I want to reach out to you for an appeal of my ever hoped-for solution to issues that are impacting on the lives of people especially women and children. I am now working in a society featuring many
challenges, that are negatively impacting the lives of orphans and women in this area, and nothing will save them, other than having skills applied to them so they can build and have a life of dignity.

Today, I want to share with you my future plan I want to take on ;

“Imagine a school for low-income youths and orphans where students from very poor farming families can receive a high-quality rural education enabling them to overcome poverty. Its evident in this rural area that youths cannot afford to attend even an inexpensive and mediocre school. This educational opportunity is affordable for low-income farming families where girls have the same opportunities as boys and no student is excluded for lack of money.

This community needs a school built on a
diversified, well-managed farm, with a library, internet and computer rooms, technical labs, sports fields, and after-school activities. The school to posses all the facilities, equipment, tools and supplies needed to teach students
practical agricultural, technical, and business skills. Providence of Basic student housing for homeless orphans who often flood on the streets of Bulenga and meals are provided from farm-fresh products grown at the school.

Students to receive an official high school diploma upon graduating with the knowledge and skills required for success and the ability to succeed in
today’s dynamic world. A school setting to teach students the practical skills required to start-up their own independent enterprise.
———-Lets not imagine, this school is a vital community requirement that shall drastically create change——————– For the years I have served the community, I believe I am change agent who is going to save this community, and the infrastructure (solution) I want to set, shall benefit the whole nation. Now, I need assistance to take me a step ahead. I
need a kick-start; to find a team of like-minded people, or people who will help me fulfil this community need. I need skills, I need to network or partner but I
have so far failed to have it to the required level i need. I need to participate in conferences and workshops; gain these skills and networks for which I shall inject into my community.

I promise, if I attain these skills, I will plant them into my community for wellness. I want to participate in the international opportunities, to seek solutions used by those who had already overcame these challenges we are facing.

BUT——I am financially challenged. I need financial support to attend these conferences and trainings I THEREFORE REQUEST ANYONE READING THIS, TO OFFER ME A CHANCE FOR MY COMMUNITY. A CHANCE FOR THE POOR ORPHANS, AND WIDOWS IN THE COUNTRY of Uganda. I want to share my full plan with people who can help. Thank you for taking your time and read this, I pray that you consider them in your mind and together, there’s a change we can do to save others.

my email address

contact for the Budget Project Proposal.

Love and Peace

Meet the lovely Nabukenya Maria

Nabukenya Maria

Nabukenya Maria

Nabukenya Maria

Thank you, sister. For doing what you’re doing.

Goals / Projects

Vision Uganda has raised funds for and volunteered on many projects from starting a garden, to making bricks, to putting on musical performances and mentoring children.  The Vision grows day by day.

 Vision Uganda Foundation is:

  • volunteering at local orphanages
  • providing one on one nurturance
  • working with underserved families
  • planting gardens
  • building schools
  • providing health education
  • providing school supplies
  • putting on musical programs

Vision Uganda will:

  • raise funds to educate orphans
  • build a model academic center
  • provide solar and computer technology for its school
  • develop AIDS education programs for youth
  • work to bring peace and stability to Uganda
  • help to end the cycle of poverty in Uganda

How Can You Help?

Did you know you can sponsor these beautiful children? Vision Uganda Foundation share photos on their Facebook page of children who urgently need a sponsor. Your love will bring hope to a child that will last a lifetime. Sponsor a child today!

Share your love with the children by writing them letters at:

P.O.Box 22 Kampala Uganda

Click here to support Orphan Home Construction

As we stand (September 17th 2015) only $40 of $25k of funds have been raised. Please help or share if you can. Every dollar helps. 

Orphan Home Construction Uganda

We currently have 1 orphan home that is changing the lives of children in Uganda; but we have a long way to go. Our goal is to build another 1 home this year with the ultimate goal of 5 total.

Each home will accommodate 100 children. A trained single or widowed mother will be placed in each home to raise these precious children in a godly way. The orphans will receive parental love, discipline, health care, and education. What a better way to raise a generation that will seek and serve the Nation!

Click here to support Vision Uganda Foundation 

As we stand, (September 17 2015) the total here is $430 of $15k every dollar helps. Please share if you can.

Vision Uganda Foundation

The project is aimed at bridging the gap left open by Vision Uganda Foundation Water Management and Development Project (VUFWMDP) by focussing on development of additional raw water sources, water treatment and bulk transfer, and service provision to the urban poor.

This campaign is targeting these Projects specifically:
– A Well for Water
– Bricks & Materials 
– Shelter (consisting of 6 bedrooms)
– Cement & Labour for Cement Slab floor
– Toilet
– Wiring & Cables for Electricity

HELP Vision Uganda Foundation FIGHT POVERTY AND PROVIDE EMERGENCY RELIEF AID WITH YOUR DONATION TODAY.  Your gift will help us continue to lift children, women and families out of poverty around Communities of Uganda.

As a sponsor, you’ll be amazed by how much can be accomplished with so little. Your small monthly contribution guarantees your sponsored child receives benefits and support that can dramatically change his or her life.


Vision Uganda Foundation Facebook Page

Paradise Uganda Foundation Orphanage Home

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