Tips from Future School on Staying Healthy this Winter

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Here’s a guest post for you all by Andrew from Future School.

Future School is a really cool online schooling concept. The perfect line between school and straight home-schooling, for the parents who aren’t able to full on home school their children. Many students suffer daily from the pressures of school & if you’re one of those parents on the fence, trying to decide if home-schooling is right for you, this program may be just what you’ve been looking for.

The program offers diagnostic assessments to ensure the students start at the right point and their personalised study plans are based on ability, not age.

Tips from Future School on Staying Healthy this Winter

Here are some great tips for staying healthy this winter! Thanks for taking the time to share with us Andrew!

Avoiding Cold/flu, healthier at Home. Healthier in General

The dreaded cold and flu season is upon us, so now is the time to talk about how to avoid them and stay healthy. For online homeschoolers, it is more likely for you to be able to avoid the sickness that seems to spread like wildfire in the school system. But we all know that these sicknesses seem to spread amongst people who are closely in contact, and it wouldn’t do any good for the teachers (parents) to get sick at the same time as their students (children).

Here are some tips to avoid colds and the flu this season.

Tips for Homeschoolers

For one, don’t forget to wash your hands and make sure your kids do the same. This is the best way to avoid illness. Also, disinfect surfaces that are touched repeatedly. Another tip that helps wonderfully for avoiding illness is doing regular exercise. This could mean different things to different people: a brisk walk every day or a short jog is enough to keep the immune system up. Make sure your children are outside a lot and exercise as well. Research herbal remedies: Echinacea works wonders for warding off illness, as well as other herbs like Goldenseal.

Follow These Tips for a Sickness-free winter

Following these tips could potentially ward off illness for you and your family for a long time. Each of these, taken together, will go a long way in avoidance of the common pitfalls that contribute to illness for families and children. The best remedy, in the end, is getting fresh air and making sure you get enough exercise, plus a good diet and cleanliness in general. We hope these tips help your family stay healthy for years to come, and that you find yourselves strong during the winter months this year.

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Thanks again Andrew! 

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