Top 10: Gender Reveal Ideas

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Gender Reveal Ideas – Cast your vote & send me your ideas!

Next week 2 DAYS FROM NOW  is our long awaited ultrasound where the doctor will be able to determine the sex of the baby! 😀 (I ended up getting ill, and this post took much longer than expected to get published) We don’t have a lot of time to decide what we are going to do – SO I NEED YOUR HELP! We are so excited & want to make the reveal as fun as possible! Here are a few creative ideas I’ve found from around the web!

I’ve been searching and thinking and searching, and I’m still not sure. ^_^ I do love the idea of a video because it really captures everyone’s emotions BUT I need ideas as to how we are revealing the gender in the video. I like the idea of the technician putting the gender in a sealed envelope but this also worries me, to trust the person you are handing it to, to deliver the news accordingly. On my search I have found way too many stories where the ‘trusted’ person, be it the cake maker, the clothing wrapper etc.. has put the wrong gender in the reveal parcel! WHAT?! I couldn’t imagine going over all that excitement and documentation to share for it to be wrong. :/

Along with all this excitement, I have to be sure to block my father from any of the reveal posts as he has made it very clear, he does NOT want to know! ^_^ I’m not sure how easy it will be to keep that secret under wraps. So anyone reading this who knows my father – be sure not to share the news with him!

Okay – sorry for the rambling on. Here are some of my favorite gender reveals I have found so far.

Top 10: Gender Reveal Ideas

PLEASE Let me know if you have any creative ideas to share! <3 ( Comment Below )

1. Little Miss or Little Man Gender Reveal Fizzies

You can find these for purchase on SosiaToGo‘s Etsy. Aren’t they precious!? What a great idea!

Little Miss or Little Man Gender Reveal Fizzies

2. Gender Reveal Photo Shoot

While I adore this idea, do you know how hard it would be to wait to be able to share the news.

This adorable image is from Heidi Hope Photography Blog

Gender Reveal Photo Shoot

3. Gender Reveal Cakes & Cupcakes! These adorable ones are from Pretty / Hungry

4. Elle from What’s Up Moms has put together this adorable video where she has a store owner wrap up whichever gender’s clothing it is and unwrapping at home with the family.

I’m not the best with doing videos but I do love the idea. It’s a great way to capture everyone’s reactions. <3

5. Balloon Pop – Confetti

I probably wouldn’t be able to do this one as a popping balloon gives me a heart attack on a good day, but the idea is cute nonetheless!

This photo is from Project Nursery.

6. Gender Reveal – Inflating only the pink or blue balloons.

This was a cute little gender reveal party.

7. The Balloons in a Box – Gender Reveal. This adorable photo is by Radiant Photography.

8. Gender Reveal – Paint

This one brought happy tears to my eyes. I definitely love this idea BUT since we are looking for a new place to live before baby, this one is kind of off the table. (I still needed to share nonetheless)

You can see the whole blog post here on The Art of Making a Baby<3

9. Gender Reveal – Baby Shoes

This is such a simple yet sweet idea. A photo of your family’s shoes, and then adding an extra set with the gender of your baby. <3

This photo is from Baby Center.

10. Gender Reveal Parties!

There are so many cute party ideas including some of these ideas and more. Lots of fun themes and fun game ideas. If it wasn’t winter, I may consider doing a little get together.

These ‘Baby Gender Reveal Scratch off Tickets’ by  RedVelvetParties are so cute & are available on Esty. 

Turns out you can very easily make your own ‘scratch tickets’ by printing out your designs and then by mixing a drop of hand soap to some silver acrylic paint, painting over the spots to scratch. Who knew? ^_^

CAST YOUR VOTE! What do you think the baby will be? A boy or a girl? <3

Do you have any creative ideas? Please share how you think we should reveal the baby’s gender in the comments below! <3

Thanks Friends!

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